Our cultural tours are programmed to give you a perfect holiday while you learn about the coast, the culture and the art of Spain. You visit incredible landscapes and wall as medieval villages and towns, discovering a touch of surrealism and Barcelona’s fascinating charm.

We have a large selection of round trips that will transport you around the most beautiful and known retreats of Spain:


Taste the North of Spain

10 days / 9 nights
  • Seaside delights
  • Wonderful history
  • Picturesque bays
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Mediterranean way

11 days / 10 nights
  • Miles of renowned beaches
  • Unforgettable views
  • Irresistible tastes
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The Charming Andalucía

10 days / 9 nights
  • Diversity of landscapes
  • Towns and beaches
  • Impressive monuments
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Andalucía Southern Jewels

11 days / 10 nights
  • Influence of the Islamic culture
  • Andalusia architecture
  • Outstanding buildings
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Picasso Way Experience

5 nights
  • Enchanted by sensations.
  • Colours of the Picasso Way
  • Walk in calm
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Barcelona by air, land & sea

2 nights
  • Balloon flight in Barcelona
  • Dinner aboard a classic ship
  • Cuisine overlooking Old Town
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Best of Spain in AVE

5 nights
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Feel comfortable with AVE
  • 4 cities in 5 days
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Dalí’s landscape & wine

7 nights
  • Art Experience
  • The Essence of Mediterranean
  • Rocky landscapes
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