It is about two adult couples who want to come to Catalonia and get to know more of its culture and people, but not the Catalonia that everyone knows from Barcelona and its surroundings, but a different area. Las Garrigues region offers this and much more.

During the 7 days of walking excursions through different villages of Las Garrigues such as Les Borges Blanques, Arbeca, Vinaixa, El Vilosell and many others, they will be able to enjoy the special and different landscape. They will visit wineries and taste the wines and other products they produce, admire the fruit and almond trees that are so characteristic of this region, go on guided visits to olive groves and taste the high-quality olive oil they produce.

They can also visit ancient sites such as the Iberian fortress Los Vilars, churches and castles that can be found in almost every village they visit. 

Day 1: Arrival at Les Borges Blanques

The arrival to Hostal Benet, in the center of Les Borges Blanques, where you will stay the first night and we will give you an orientation brief.

Day 2: Les Borges Blanques – Les Borges Blanques

The first stage is a track of about 18km leaving from the Hostal Benet to make the route of the canal d’urgell.

It is a very flat and affordable route that goes around the neighboring villages such as Juneda and Puiggròs.

In the afternoon visit Cal Gineret to learn a little more about the history of the city during the Civil War and culture of Olive Oil.

Day 3: Les Borges Blanques – Arbeca

In the morning you will leave Hostal Benet in the direction of Arbeca between fields of cereals, almond trees, and fruit trees to complete a 10 km route.

Shortly before arriving in the village of Arbeca they meet the Vinya els Vilars winery where they can take a guided tour and taste their products.

In the afternoon they can visit the castle of Arbeca, the church of Sant Jaume or an old oil mill.

Day 4: Arbeca – Arbeca

On the third day they will leave the Hostal La Placeta, in the center of Arbeca, to complete the track of 13 km to reach the Iberian fortress Els Vilars and Sant Miquel de Les Borgetes church.

In the afternoon rest and visit the center of the village to sleep again in the Hostal La Placeta.

Day 5: Arbeca – Les Borgues Blanques

From Hostal La Placeta you leave the village of Arbeca behind to return to Les Borges Blanques passing by La Floresta and visit the castle and the ice well.

Once in place, in the afternoon you can visit the center of Les Borges Blanques such as the Parc del Terrall or the church.

Day 6: Les Borgues Blanques – Vinaixa – El Vilosell

In the morning they will take the train and go to Vinaixa from where they will start the 12 km track and where they will do the route of Riu Set and go through some castles.

In the afternoon they will visit the Tomàs Cusiné winery and in the evening, they will sleep in the same Vilosell Wine hotel.

Day 7: El Vilosell – Pobla de Cérvoles

They will leave the Vilosell Wine hotel and head towards the town of Cérvoles where a large part is inside a forest and up to the village.

In the afternoon they can visit the hermitage of Sant Miquel de la Tosca and the town hall.

In the evening they will sleep in Hostal Casa Llovera.

Day 8: La Pobla de Cérvoles – Cervià de les Garrigues

They will leave from La Casa Llovera to complete the last track of 10 Km.

The first part of the route will pass through the ravine of the smoke and later through a wooded terrain.

Once in the Cervià de Les Garrigues to end the tourist getaway, the company that produces olive oil (COMETES) will take a guided tour and taste of their products.

Finally sleep the last night in Cal Marquès which is in the center of town.

Day 9: Cervià de les Garrigues – Back home

On the last day, in the morning, walk around the village and go home.

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These slow tourism products have been produced thanks to the financial support of the European Union under the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme.

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Duration: 9 Days / 8 Nights


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