An engaging and exciting school trip can give the best results. Taking the pupils out of their comfort zone can be enriching and is a once in a lifetime experience that has to be enjoyed to the fullest.

The trip has to be prepared carefully and planned with sufficient time making sure that the destination chosen for the students is appropiate and has enough educational and activities to do during the stay.

Having a full programme related with the main courses back at home is crucial to make the educational trip successful. It will help the pupils to have a broader view of their subjects and have different insights of it.

This different insights can have a positive impact in pupils lifes by creating an unique band among the students and teachers giving everyone the opportunity to get to know each other better and in another environment.

Having a different scenario of learning and discovering new aspects of their subjects will grab students’ attention which could be life changing as they will have a chance to find out what they really want to do with their future and clear their mind with the infinite possibilities for their future professional path.

The activities organized with plenty of time can reach your educational aims as well as have an affordable Price in order to get as many students, parents and teachers involved in the educational trip.

On the other hand, your students will learn about other cultures, will be in touch with other ways of thinking and values, and will have to learn to live together since they will be together from early in the mornings until late in the night.

All of this, is a really important aspect of the trip which can be a challenge for the school to succeed and create a great and pleasant atmosphere.

Therefore, the destination of the trip is essential to organize the most appropiate activities for each age and subjects. Now, you’re probably thinking which zone would be the best for educational trips. Indeed, Spain has much more to offer for this kind of trips that you would ever imagine. Not everything over there is about playa, fiesta and siesta.

From Cantabria to the idyllic zone of the Costa Brava or the Cosmopolitan city of Barcelona and the breathtaking cultural zone of Andalusia have everything you need to make a fantastic experience for your students.

There are multiple options for all the different study areas; including art, business studies, fashion, food technology, language and music, among many others. With a destination like Spain and the warm weather there won’t be time to get bored and pupils will have the chance to get to know the locals and their unique way of life.

The territory of Spain offers diverse activities that can be suitable for every subject combining unique landscapes as well as industries like tourism and languages such as Spanish, Catalan, Basque or Galician.

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